Tantra for women NY - Goddess Ashaki
How may I/we schedule an appointment with you?
Please be so kind as to do this via my SSL secure contact form. Again, if a couple, each woman must fill out her own...separately.
Do you offer in home, in call or in Temple sessions?
Yes, in lower Westchester County New York. I also visit clients homes if they are near by. ALL Clients must be fully verified before I visit them at their homes however. Please note that an outcall fee and travel fee's will apply.
Must I send full payment for my appointment with you?
Yes, full payment is due at time of booking...no session is ever considered 'booked' without payment. As mentioned in prior pages, I do accept cash, postal MO, personal or business check. If you wish to send a paper form of payment, please realize that it has to clear my bank prior to booking the session. With Cash or Postal MO however, we can go ahead and schedule a session within a few days, with my schedule and yours in mind. I will supply my mailing address once a client is fully verified and deemed safe for Tantra. Paypal is the preferred method of payment, so please contact me for my Paypal address...be sure to add the 4 1/2% Paypal fee to the amount you are sending me.
Are payments refundable?
No, they are not. Once payment is received and an appointment confirmed there is no way to return payment, UNLESS the session is canceled SAME day, by noon. In some cases, IF I could have booked another female on the day of a cancellation, keep in mind that only a partial payment can be returned OR the appointment will be rescheduled for another day.
Is one day notice fine to contact you?
Unfortunately, no. I need a few days to a week.
Is all that information necessary?
Yes, it is. I verify for authenticity, unique match and compatibility. I do not keep your information. I maintain high confidentiality so your information does not leave my hands. Discretion is expected and always provided 200% ALL the time.
I used your SSL form to schedule a session, but did not hear back.
Please resubmit the information as it could have gotten lost via technical glitch. As with any submission, if you do not hear from me, please drop me an email as well.
Are your fees negotiable?
No, they are not. My fees represent the quality of service you shall receive. My fees for women are HIGHLY discounted and should not be haggled with in any way.
Are tips appropriate?
They are not necessary, but always appreciated.
Do you offer a Tantric candle lit bath?
Yes, that is included in MOST sessions, unless the client wishes to opt out. In that case, I shall arrange the session to suit clients preferences. Each clients needs are very much different from the next.
What is Dark Tantra?
Dark Tantra is role play and fantasy re-creation. This would never be offered as a first session. Mutual respect must be attained through a regular Tantra session first, and we must have established an exceptional comfort level together.
Do you offer sessions for female couples?
Yes, female couples is a common and well deserved session. I have worked with over 50 couples per year, for over 20 years!
Do you smoke?
No, I am a non smoker. I also do not drink or dabble in any type of drugs. These are not allowed at a session I might add.
What are your credentials?
I am a certified Tantra therapist, relationship counselor, sex educator, holistic health practitioner, Tantra educator, female couples facilitator, masters in spiritual counseling, sacred sex educator, kama sutra specialist, an advanced Tantra Educator, Kama Sutra instructor and MUCH more. I am more than qualified and love doing what I do!
Is Tantra for everyone?
It should be, but possibly not. I need to be sure that the potential client is as serious about Tantra as I am, as Tantra is a gift which comes from the heart and is an overall special occurrence. If you are a serious follower and seeker, you would be a superior candidate.
Do sessions start with discussion?
Yes, if I have not not met you before, it is important to have an initial talk prior to beginning our session...a bit of an ice breaker. Here we discuss details about yourself, stress levels at work and at home, fears, hopes, concerns and limitations. Input is also quite important as co creators of a sacred session, we must prioritize and discuss boundaries, fears, hopes and concerns. Please realize that input from my client is of great importance for a successful session.
Do you offer in person consultations?
Yes, I do. I am happy to meet with potential clients at a fee of $100 for our meeting, which normally will run up to 2 hours. This gives a potential client a better understanding of me, and me of them. It is not a requirement however, as many can't meet due to work or logistics issues.